Would you ever jump out of  a plane? Well, I did and it was insane! Would it be crazy of me to say I loved every second of that insanity? I don’t think so. From strapping me ready for the jump, to the doors of the plane sliding open, I was ready for that adrenaline. Had the amazing opportunity to skydive with one of the best and recommended skydive companies in the US, ‘Skydive Key West’.

Just a 30 min drive from the Key West cruise ship terminal is ‘Skydive Key West’, based on the island of the Florida key Archipelago Key West in Sugarloaf. Key West is the southernmost point of Florida and lies just 144,841 km north of Cuba. It is so closed that on a bright sunny day you can get a clear view of the island of Cuba. With Cuba being that close, there are companies on the island that do day trips there.  


You will have to make the reservation before you arrive because it does get busy and they only take a certain number of people each day. You can either do it online or telephonically. Please be mindful of the time difference when making your reservation. If you are on the ship remember to stay on ships time and allow yourself enough time to get back on board. Your reservation is free but if you do not show up or cancel for whatever reason then you will be charged $50 (R 720). Get there 30 min before your reservation so that they can get you ready on time for your jump.


The cost is different depending on the payment option. It is $265/person (R 3 815) when using a credit card and $245/person (R 3 527) cash. For an extra $120/person (R 1 727) you will receive all the photos and video of your jump. This is optional. I bought them not only for my personal archives but would anyone actually believe me if I told them I jumped out of a plane without any proof? No.


The drive there had my tummy churning from being nervous. I wanted to turn around but my friends managed to calm me down and hype me up to get me ready. Upon arrival, depending on how many people are before you, you will get and indemnity form to fill out and sign. You have the option to do this online when you make the reservation which is more convenient. You are too high on nerves to focus long enough to fill out an indemnity form.

Ready to jump

After being strapped up and a short briefing, we are ready for take off. The plane arrives from the previous jump to refuel and I feel like I am going to throw up in my mouth. The excitement is on 100 but the nerves are on 10 0000!

The plane ride

The plane can only carry 5 people at a time; the pilot, 2 instructors and 2 guests strapped to the instructors. For around 10 minutes we circle around to get a view of the beautiful blue waters of the Florida Keys. At this point I have calmed down and am more excited. The fear and the nerves have miraculously disappeared. 

The Jump

The door opens and we jump. That 12 second free fall is exhilarating, feeling like I can take over the world. I expected my tummy to turn like on a roller coaster but instead it felt more like I was flying. If that is what flying feels like. At this point I am in my own world with no fear in sight. I must admit that for a split second I did wonder what would happen if the parachute didn’t open during that free fall. The thrill managed to distract me from that thought. The instructor opens the parachute and we get into a 5-8 minute peaceful glide in the sky over a young conversation. He even lets me steer the parachute. Don’t be fooled, that steer is pretty hard and heavy to maneuver. It looks so much easier in the video.

The Landing

We take a soft landing in the grassy field and I cannot believe I went through with it; a 10 500 ft jump. My legs are wobbly as I try get my land legs back.

The whole experience from plane ride, jump and landing was around 20 minutes. My ears popped a little while in the sky but it went away after a few minutes.

At this point I am super proud of myself for successfully completing my first ever sky diving experience. I feel like I can conquer anything that the world throws at me, ha. Sean, my Australian instructor was awesome, he made me feel comfortable from beginning til the end. He was very patient with me, I definitely owe him one. 

Things to take note of

You need to make a reservation before you get there

Your credit card information will be required to make a reservation. There wont be any charge unless if you don’t show up having not told them or cancelled.

Be mindful of the time difference when making your reservation

Pictures and videos are at an extra cost.

Get there 30 minutes earl for your reservation

You will be charged if you get on the plane and not jump. If you cancel before you get on the plane then you will be charged.

Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.

You need to weigh less than 270 lbs (122 kg)

More importantly have fun!!

In conclusion, if you find yourself in Key West and are feeling brave then definitely check out one of the safest and reputable sky diving companies, ‘Skydive Key West’. Check out their website for more information.

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