If you are in Mexico and want to do something different from the usual beach day then Tabasco Chef Maestro cooking class is for you. Filled with delicious Mexican food, bottomless drinks and plenty of laughs, where else would you want to be. Read along as I share with you my first ever cooking class experience that is absolutely worth the hype.


The beautiful island of Cozumel lies off the east coast of Mexico in the Caribbean sea. In San Miguel, just a 10 minute drive from the cruise ship port is Dolphinaris, where the cooking class will be held. The location is beautiful with white and blues resembling a mini Santorini and the Caribbean sea as its back yard. Coupled with a sparkling pool that has a swim up bar that you can enjoy after the class.

Dolphinaris offers swimming with dolphin experiences that I am not a fan of as I have a problem with animals in captivity. Especially for sea creatures that thrive in open waters and swim for miles on end. Nonetheless, the location is spectacular. 

Lets get Cooking

On arrival you will receive an alcohol free drink and given instructions on what to expect for the day ahead. Fret not as there will be more than enough alcoholic beverages to go around after the introduction. 

Chef Luis welcomes you and gets you ready for a very educational but fun class. Upstairs in the kitchen is a set up of prepped ingredients, utensils and pans. 

A three course Mexican meal is the theme of the day. The not so secret sauce of the day will be Tabasco sauce. The ingredients are prepped well in advance.


For the appetizer you will make a tasty Mexican invented dish, ceviche. The ingredients of fish soaked in lime juice, boiled shrimp, tomato, onion and cilantro make it a very simple dish to prepare. For your sauces you will use Maggi Jugo sauce, Worcestershire sauce and of course Tabasco sauce. I am not the biggest fan of ceviche but this was very delicious. Probably because it was fresh and made to my liking by adding to it my own ratio of sauces to spices. Sitting pretty on a bed of a fresh lettuce leaf makes the display simple but beautiful. This dish is the quickest to make, prepared last and enjoyed after the class with some crunchy tortilla chips.

Stuffed Poblano Peppers

For the main course you will cook up a popular Mexican dish, stuffed Poblano peppers. A poblano is a mild chili pepper originating from Puebla, Mexico. Pork is the meat of choice otherwise more options are available if pork is not your thing. Ingredients also include diced potatoes, carrots, onions and raisins as well as Tabasco sauce for the tomato paste. This dish is cooked first as it takes longer and will need to roast in the oven for some time before being served. 


Dessert will be a sweet and savory taco made from a soft tortilla wrap stuffed with caramelized apple and drizzled with chocolate sauce. The dish will be prepared second to give the chocolate sauce time to  cool down. Tabasco sauce will be added to the chocolate sauce for that extra chili flavour.

Margarita Time

After all meals have been cooked you will learn to make a classic margarita which is an added bonus to the class. Chef Luis will blend oranges, pineapple juice, lime juice, orange liquor, tequila and Tabasco sauce to give it an extra kick. The margarita was tasty and I cannot wait to make it for friends and family back home.

At the end of the class you will receive a certificate as an award for successful completion of the class. Now sit, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour and hope that it tastes as good as it looks because you only have yourself to blame if it doesn’t since you are the cook. 

A few things to take note of

If you do not like Tabasco sauce then this is not the tour for you. Tabasco sauce will be added to every dish.

If you are on a group excursion, some people may not want to stay longer to enjoy the pool and open bar. They may solely be there for the cooking class which will then cut your day short.

 Remember to bring your bathing suit and towel if you are planning to spend some time at the pool.

If you are not on a ship tour then be mindful of the time to avoid being left behind by the boat.

You are allowed to use  your own camera for photographs but should you not, there is a photographer on site during the class. You will have the option to pick the ones that you like and purchase for $10 each picture which will be emailed to you.

Tips are not compulsory but are highly appreciated.

Have fun with the open bar but remember to drink responsibly.


All in all the cooking class was amazing and the chef made it even more fun. The food was great and I learnt new easy recipes to make at home for friends and family. If you are ever in Mexico, take some time to touch up on your cooking skills and learn some new dishes with Tabasco Chef Maestro. The Tabasco Chef Maestro cooking and tasting experience. 

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